Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last week I made it to Splore

By the fresh water lagoon -chill out lounge made from pallets stacked and decorated.

For the reasons obvious I made a decision not to take kids to Splore so for the last decade I never went because I always had a baby in a sling.

Now finally got the chance to go now my youngest is 3 and half and the hookups made it possible. I worked for my good friend Lynsey Champion hat maker at the Splore market.
Arrived lastThursday night to a quite yet busy hustle with anticipation of the arrival of 6500 splorers.

Friday was the day to swim with out a crowd in the fresh water lagoon.
After a refreshing icey dip in the lagoon (wasn't long enough to count as a swim). Notice the boys building a damn and gorgeous ocean oppisite.
Oh and work selling hats, and people watch my favourite forgotten pass time.
Set up and checking out the view through the mirror  at the beach

 The lead up was exciting felt like a kid at a lolly shop after school. Everyone was rushing up to hear Erykah Badu the sound wasn't terrific but still made me get choked up. A rain pour after Erykah was serious but ran to the shelter of the hat gazebo 1 minute away. Soul to Soul was the high light for me, the moves came flowing back Karen Wheeler what an incredible voice and I was close up under a tree to the front right of the stage too.

Karen Wheeler and Jazzy B.

Had a great night with girl friends and remembered once again live music and dance has and always will be a big part of me.

Chill out room made of pallets by the lagoon

"You could have it all"

Bell "Boy"  and moving suitcases were a live kind of instillation

No sleep that night in cold tent... Saturday morning headed out nice and early to do a market in Freemans Bay, Mary's Market children's design seconds and sale items...and hang out with my girl Vibeke (aka sisterlionheart).
Thanks for those who helped make the event an amazing experience. Might even take the kids in 2 years time for the next one...or maybe not!

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