Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pinch and a Punch

My thoughts exactly for first day of March from Scoutie Girl 

Gratitude matters. It all starts with gratitude.

When I eat good, I feel good.
A little chocolate everyday is wonderful.
Mischief is magic.
I’m at my best when I play.
My gut always knows.
Nothing makes me present like being in the company of animals.
I need movement, physical movement, in my life.
Pinterest is a happy place.

I have everything I need.

It’s still fun to want some things, though.
It will happen when the time is right.
I must have plants indoors.
The better I know my tribe, the more of service I can be.

Relationships are worth cultivating.

My intention for the year is already taking shape.
I can do things at my own pace.
I can do them in my own way.

Once I know the rules, I can break them. Go beyond.
I must spend time with girlfriends.
Solitude is nurturing. So is party time.

Each day is worth celebrating.

Greatness & ordinariness are close cousins.
Art matters.


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