Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whats goin on...? Work in Winter to keep Warm!

Wow its winter here on Waiheke Island. That means cold toes, early nights trying to keep noses dry and working around the kids and demands of the home with 6 kids it never stops.
School holidays is 1/2 over and we've have been just hanging out at home and reflecting on the other half of the year what we're gonna do.
imp`ish has taken off orders are coming in and Spring is around the corner...oh but it hasn't been without its set backs the order was late from India, not to mention the red knee pads ran in the wash and have had to be unpicked all 800 knee pads!
 So far WE my team of dedicated women confidants, friend network on this wonderful supportive Island have come to my rescue. Life sends you challenges and set backs but its how we react or change to adapt to the problem that will make it no longer a kids have taught me that alot.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The changing face of Organic Island Baby

Ohhh another night of buning the oil.

Adding 1st post of our new blog for the new site.

Agender:- 2010 a year to do...
i love the fact with each new year passing that the need to do and change oh and create becomes greater.

  • the art of doing - start a new hobby = dance classes haven't done that since i was 14 doing tap with old people in ther 30s and now i'm the old person in the dance class.
  • start a new business venture - oh yeah = trying to run 2 businesses somethings gotta give and its the house work.
  • love love love - simple really
  • gain knowledge - wanna use my brain and expand thoughts
Lets see how it goes xo;)