Monday, January 16, 2012

Markets/Socialize ...Swaps/Trade

What i love about my business with doing the markets is the lifestyle ...its about socializing, community. Yes there's buying and selling, BUT its great when you can trade/swap.
You meet so many talented people, some at the beginning of there creative journey producing a product that's past an idea and ready to test the market, literally at a market!
Saturday was so lovely to leap out of bed, because for the first time in nearly 2 months Saturday morning had a ray of sunshine.
Dragged my big girls out of bed, who are amazing helpers and used to my fussing when it comes to set up. They're brilliant and I feed them at the market, so they know they gotta get the job done before they can launch into the yummo selection of fried food available.
Unfortunately for us we did have to drag our table and rack under the tree and set up 4 or 5 times due to serious down pours (NZ weather)... much prefer the shady tree to the gazebo when on the Island so delightful.
Had the pleasure to meet a honey, who made some really current hand crafted jewelry, Huni and here's her blog the bulwark and the sunbeam.

We did a perfect trade ...mine is the center piece!

I got the beauty in the center natural leather with amethyst.
We did some wicked trading swapping 2 of my tops, for 2 of her pieces! Plus a finally found my hand bag with her - oroton natural beige for 8 bucks and in mint condition. Love a good market, and my local is a winner!


  1. Yay! Haha. Our island is truly magic, and I'm so stoked to have two of your little organic sailor goodies to give away and share some of the magic around.... xx

    1. For Sure! Magic is the word for it...will try and get down to the market again this sunny Saturday morning hope to see your wears again I adore them xo