Monday, January 9, 2012

10 more sleeps to go...

Grace, Faith and I Christmas morning

It's that time again for deep pondering and wondering reflection at the start of every new year. For me it starts in the beginning of December because that's my birthday month. Then it carries on through the festive season and on into the new year.
Funnily enough I like having my birthday in December, because I feel like I have a fresh start in the New Year to really give my year older age (and hopefully some what more wiser) a full start to finish calender year. That's why I have decided to give this year 2012 a really good turn, and set some official goals to change habits, make wonderful plans, get rid of stuff, and dream of the what could be and of course what I don't want anymore of!
My enthusiasm has affected me to the point of near journal, note book addiction I have a book of list's plans, to do's, chores on every table, bench and fridge in my house - a reminder to me to remember to cross off what I need to try and do tomorrow or if not next week at the latest.
Commitment a word that strikes a chord of fear and joy at the same time. I should feel a amount of blessings at the choices I have been given and how much I know I'm loved for often I have asked and have received. Now no longer standing on the starting line of my 40's but into it I do feel exhilarated at the possibilities. I still tell my kids when I'm grownup I want to do this and that because its true.
I have had nearly 2 months away from 4 of my children, and feel a big part of me is missing (10 more sleeps till they return). They're with their father in Sydney and his family which is a wonderful experience for them as they have never had that opportunity to go visit them. 
I can't wait to hold them and listen to their stories and celebrate 2 birthday's and Christmas party, laughing and eating yummo food and of course pressies!
What a gift I have had with my 2 oldest daughters who came back from Sydney early (because they'll get some peace) I know are both young women, each beautiful in there own unique way, who are some of best work and who I owe so much.
This year I want to be more true to myself in all aspects of my life, and treasure what matters most connections; to my body, the people I love, meet and work for and with, nature, creatures (my chooks), and food I grow and buy & blessed to eat, and to the power who has made it possible.
I know if I'm true and have faith I will achieve those other daunting goals of my work which I love...because they're secondary and balance is the key. If I don't achieve the goals as set, a new date is not a failure, but a chance for new begins the dream of what this year can be come.

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