Monday, September 19, 2011

Inspiration - new fabric design???

Since my last up date I have been head down at home and in business life.
I really wanted to write the last part of my India journey about the school I visited that's part of the social project for farmers, and ginning and spinning factory workers children and my experience staying with a family before leaving India, but I thought I would bring it back home first.
Design is sooooo much fun for me I like most to take ideas from around me.
So here is some of my inspiration...

I adore orange and yellow, at a local beach the girls named Turtle Point!

Mmmm organic orange!

Orange again keeps coming up, window display at Hong Kong Airport on my way to India.

Color and pattern are so important to me a good repetition are what I look for next years new pattern. I get so many ideas form my children's art work.

My daughter Grace art work in pastel

Notes from my kids to keep me going when I work at my desk

Self portrait by Faith age 5... now 10y on her wall, I love her colors!

Another self portrait by Faith...great eye for stripes.     

Vintage and retro fabric, interior design, books and dress pattern's.

Retro inspired fabric and cushion.
Vintage Simplicity children's patterns.

The Australian National Art Gallery recently gave me loads of inspiration sorry I didn't take more note of the artists.

In the beauty of nature around me...

the texture and color in the sand... this is on Oneroa Beach where i live on Waiheke Island
Shelly Bay Waiheke Island what a perfect blue a great inspiration for the red blue stripe.

yellow and green like the imp`ish stripe

Sunset stripe.

Old advertising from an exhibition at the Australian National Library...I love the colors again and fonts.

This is my latest tool to help me on my newest fabric design challenge for 2012A/W and my color chart to keep me open to not being too average in combinations.

My latest investment in my fabric design skills.

  This I keep above my desk a color chart from Wallpaper magazine.

In the coming weeks I will keep you posted as I have samples coming from India on new cuts and will be sending off new fabric design for hand screen printing.
Check out below for the in house screen printing of the child's play print...

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