Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winds of Change

I had a productive exciting morning today with my lovely and talented friend Vibeke Brethouwer, we met Melissa Mcintyre (also a mutual friend on our Island) from Buana Satu the daughter and establishing member with her Mum and owner Helen - of this iconic store in Auckland's K'Rd, its been around 21 years.
We're helping Melissa with the web side of business (lack of at the moment) made me realize how much time I spend at my table on these networks seeing whats out there what others are up to and getting my story out too.
The story is what it's all about for me...after getting how it all started for Bauna Satu it made me appreciate how our journey in life sets us apart in business and to sell that as much as the service or product because that human connection is what we crave to recognise the similarity in our lives.

Buana Satu is one of my stockists for imp`ish so I left the samples of the range, to make her order as she sold out of our first range. I feel because  2/3rds of my shipment is here - well at the Auckland Airport I can focus on what's next, or where to put it all next in my house 300 kilos 37 boxes (there small).

Then I got a call from my newest stockist The White Room in Dunedin, who placed there first order and are very excited about have the range in there design store.

What an impact for a store front... The White Room

Its been a incredible week for change seven days with challenges, joys and life lessons to give me more greys, but joys and heart felt connection like never before! I bought my first car (which gave me some trouble), my children's Father moved to Sydney; my shipment was incomplete but sent anyway from India with huge shipping costs at Auckland end (which is not the norm). My first baby and only son Sam turned 14 - yeah legal baby sitter, his application due for Dilworth's college has been grueling.
I postponed my Dragons Den appointment with New Zealand Trade and Enterprises as I'm stuff with mucus and coughing like an old smoker so unable to do my 20 minute pitch. My life is full and i asked for it!
So very grateful for my family, parents, friends and god, who with love and support make me believe so much is possible!

My oldest and youngest Samuel 14 and Lucia 2 - he loves her so Palm Beach Waiheke Island.

Much love Joannexo

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