Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 what a amazing year already for gratitude

So much has happened this year already its coming to the end of February and what a momentus month. The day after i arrived back from India and Sydney work trip, Tuesday 22nd February 2011 Christchurch had it's tragic earth quake which breaks my heart in such a surreal way, but its happened in my homeland; so many have suffered and will continue to do so.
 Before that February for me was been all about getting to India and Sydney Trade Fair Life Instyle in the children's section Kids InStyle.
I had a incredible time in India at the garment factory, ginning and spinning factories and farm, the experience has motivated me to achieve more for those people that touch the course of the garment from seed to finished product.
The trip was an adrenalin rush as i was only there on the ground for 7 days and another 4 days were in transit between New Zealand and India back again, and I moved quickly to get done what I needed. Days working with owner of factory and merchandising staff to confirm my sample cuts and fabrics. Then off on the over night sleeper for my 13 hour ride to Indore city to travel by taxi 3 more hours to visit the ginning, spinning and most importantly the farm. The beginning of my train trip was peacefully soothing once the rhythm of the train lulled me to sleep but I first had to get over my self consciousness of all the India men around me. However this I had figured out from the moment I stepped out of customs at Delhi airport it was a male dominated culture. Ongoing experiences lead me to believe as a darkish women in India I wasn't as big a target as other tourist but when dealing in business matters I was not a common occurrence. Yet I held my own was patient as ever. The journey to the farm was turning point when I realised what a blessed life i have and what a opportunity this is  to make a difference in peoples lives that don't have much choice in how to improve on there situation, especially for the children. The women work so hard on the farm even before they have to go and harvest the cotton - picking 25 kilos a day when in peak harvest in September - October. However they have the beautiful land and rich cultural practises as tribal people with there religious beliefs which with biodynamic farming is a joy to see.
At the garment factory in the city its different again, the people on the floor the tailors and women who trim the threads, iron and pack the products live in the near by slums. They have come from out side of Delhi to look for work and have gained skills to earn, yet each day outside the front of the factory gates were men begging for employment.

Over the next coming weeks I will continue my journal here adding what I remember and from my scribble note book..thankfully I can share the experience on paper too with Natural Parenting magazine and also Peppermint magazine i learnt so much about the industry in such a short time and will be returning every year to commit to help change in the small way i can. Its such a massive country and made this little island girl feel small and helpless at times but i know i we can make a difference.
much love

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